Who is where

Ibel and Ted are at home in Newtown with Jonathan and Stephen.  Sarah is married to Scott Sawyer and they live in Havehill. Tina is married to Devon Marcinko and they live in New Milford. Theo is living in Boston.

Paula Hartlett is living in Milford with Tom & Mary Hartlett.  Fred and Debbie Hartlett are in Stamford.  Sandy Fecci is also in Stamford.

Sonia Gonzalez is living in Norwalk. Giselle and Ken Hanson are in Trumbull. Thais is in Norwalk. Manny is in Stratford. Heidi and Digby Barrios are in Danbury. Jerry and Gladys Gonzalez are in Bethel.


What we are doing

Ibel and Ted are working in the greater Danbury area and serving with various non-profit agencies there.  Scott and Sarah are expecting their first child and both work in the greater Boston area.  Jonathan is working locally and pursuing his passions of film and soccer.  Stephen is often touring with his various bands and works part-time when he is in town.  Tina and Devon are working in CT and looking forward to becoming entrepreneurs one of these days.  Theo is working in Boston as a musician and tours with Stephen and other bands regularly.


Keeping it simple

All of us can be found online via various Social Media channels and other sites.  This page is mostly just a way to post things as they occur.

The bottom line

We are Christ-followers that know we’re deeply loved and hope to show the same to you.

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